X-Ray Thunder 8 ABS Base

The ABS Base is a very rigid very thin base, it's very durable and easy to clean up. There are four grooves around the base to allow you to select the placement of the mouse cord clip, allowing you to orient the pad in any direction on your desktop and yet still be able to use it as right-handed or left-handed and keep the mosue cord out of your way. Despite it's rigidity, the base has been formed so that it will not hurt your wrist as you rest your hand on the pad, there are no sharp edges as many metal and glass pads have. Thanks to it's ABS composition, the base of the Thunder 8 is chemical resistant, fadeproof, and will retain it's size and shape even in the hottest temperatures. The quality evident in our ABS Base is just the beginning, but makes for a very solid foundation from which to construct the best hardpad ever made.

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