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Having a quality mousepad will greatly enhance your mouses' performance and make your life a lot easier in the end. The Aqua2 is an excellent low priced replacement for those looking for a better cloth mousepad...

The Thunder9 is possibly the perfect mousepad. It has a low cost, excellent construction and design...

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The Aqua2™ series is a great and professional mouse pad for any PC enthusiast and even office users. Whether it is for gaming, designing, or general computer tasks, this mouse pad is an ideal choice...

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I am extremely impressed with the Thunder 8 mouse pad and can honestly give it a 10 out of 10, and I am pleased to give this our Recommended Award, as I could honestly recommend this to ANYONE looking for a low priced. High quality mouse pad!

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Best of Show - This was another tough choice but after careful consideration we felt that the mouse pad that would remain on our desk until 2005's Roundup is... the X-Ray Pad Thunder8. There is not too much to say about the Thunder8- its design is flawless, it was the most accurate pad in our testing...

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Informanews Review
Informanews chooses the Thunder8 as the top performance mousepad among the world’s 23 top mousepads!
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Only the Thunder 8 by X-Raypad managed to fully convinced us, as its mouse surface can be flipped over to give you a choice of two different surfaces. During our tests, the rougher side also proved to be an excellent basis for optical mice.

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All in all the Thunder 8 is a great product and should allow even the weakest gamer to increase their score somewhat, if you're not a gamer don't sweat it because Thunder 8 can even give the photo whiz-kids the edge. Give it a try - you won't regret your decision once you get your hands one.

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OCIA.net awards the X-Ray Technology pads our seal of approval.

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News and Features:

 Aqua Speed gaming mousepad

North America , Western Europe , Australia and Asia order enjoy express delivery

Feb 5th,2010

Any order of mousepads from US , Canada , Western Europe and Japan , we will ship them via worldwide express delivery (3-5 days). Please note our price already includes the shipping cost . For More information , please see here.

Any queries, please feel free to contact our sales .

X-RAY Free offer replacement of rubber feet or cord clip

Feb 5th, 2010

If you missed your cord clip or rubber feet in any reason , Xray will offer them freely . If you want to get the replacement , please click here

Any queries, please feel free to contact our sales .

Custom Mousepad

Ever dreamt of one mousepad becoming two? Get Thunder8! This award-winning product from X-ray comes with 2 different surfaces and would satisfy all your needs. Get it, enjoy it!
ABS Base • Double-sided surface • Easy Lift Corner • Enhanced cord clip • Silicon rubber feet • Tin Package • Available in 5 colors
Love huge pad? But hate to carry it to your lan party? Just try our Thunder9 then. This big guy comes with a really nice and comfortable bag! Go beyond the limit, go beyond your potential!
Giant surface • Unique award-winning surface • ABS base • Best support for optical mice • Back surface in beehive shape • Silicon rubber feet
One pad for game, one for work, one for ... That's TOO many! Wanna a versatile mousepad to free yourself from freqent switching? Aqua2 would do the job, and something more: catching eyes!
Unique fabric surface • Slip-free rubber base • Fine-woven fabric surface • Washable, anti-static, durable & stylish design • Messaline with suitable thickness protects your wrist
Are you a fabric pad animal? Everything you seek from fabric pads can be found here, and even more. Aqua3 is huge, beautiful, smooth and durable. Why still hesitating? Go for it right away!
Unique fabric surface • Slip-free rubber base • Dazzling logo • Fine-woven fabric surface • Messaline with suitable thickness protects your wrist • Washable, anti-static & durable design
Don't ever underestimate these small potatos. ZeroFriction flies your mouse! Less effort for movement, less wear on the original feet, higher accuracy and most important: better performance! Something small would make the difference big!
Pure Teflon • Special processing procedures • Easy release • Longer life • Extremely long life and consistent feeling (INF*)

(*INF refers to ZeroFriction Infinity made with 0.5mm Teflon.)
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