For Microsoft intellimou- se explorer 3.0 , intellim-ouse optical mouse 1.1 users .Due to its great size, it could cover almo-st every mouse on the market.
(8 dots for 2 times)



For Logitech MX510 users
(10 dots for 2 times)



Zerofriction Infinity™            

What Are Mouseskates?

They are the slices stuck to mouse feet to decrease the friction between the mouse and the mousepad.Furthermore,they help to protect the original mouse feet and the mousepad,saving you the expenditure of replacement.

What's Special About X-ray Zerofriction?

ZEROFRICTION™ from X-ray technology are specially designed for professional gamers.The unique material guarantees that the coefficient of static friction and gliding friction are almost the same,which means no abrupt change of feeling when you suddenly start to move the mouse or stop it.And therefore ,you may play smoothly and more accurately.

The advantage of Zerofriction Infinity™:

Like it’s name infinity,the zerofriction infinity mouse skates made with 0.5mm pure Teflon, therefore it could provide much longer life time than other mousekates on the market.It also menas you could always catch the same feeling from the whole life time of your Zerofriction Infinity™ mouseskates.


For Microsoft intellimouse explorer 4.0 Logitech MX 310 users
(8 dots for 2 times)



For Logitech MX300 users.
(8 dots for 2 times)



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